5 most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5 most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A country in the form of heart, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Filled with green landscapes, high mountains and historical sites, these are just some of the things which this country has to offer.

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Tour Guide Mostar brings you the story of the five most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina…

  1. Prokoško Lake

ProkoÅ¡ko Lake is located in the municipality of Fojnica and it is 1670m above sea level. The natural landscape around the lake was changed permanently because of the many cottages that were built around the lake. The lake is still has one of the endemic species of Amphibians – triton.

The lake is visited approximately by 20,000 tourists each year.


  1. Blidinje Lake

Blidinje Lake is the largest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated at 1,185 meters above sea level. The lake is 2,5 km long, wide around 2.1 km, and the maximum depth of the lake, only in some places, is about 3 m. Otherwise, the lake is very shallow, the average depth is about half a meter. It is located within the Nature Park Blidinje. In case you have missed it, read our previous post - Blidinje nature park, pearl of nature in Herzegovina.


  1. Rama Lake

Rama Lake is an artificial lake located in the upper valley of the Rama in northern Herzegovina. It was created back in 1968. The temperature of the lake is about 7.5 ° C, and the surface is rapidly heated which is great for swimmers who love to visit this place when the lake is full and warm for swimming. The island Šćit and two smaller islands Umcu and Škarine break the monotony of the surface of the water and adorn the landscape of Rama Lake and its surroundings.


  1. Jablanica Lake

The area of Jablanica is among the most beautiful landscapes in Herzegovina.

Situated on a terraced plateau below the intimidating peaks of mountains Prenj and Cvrsnica Mountains, Jablanica teeters between the Mediterranean and continental climates. In case you have missed it, read our previous post – Jablanica lake must see landscape in Herzegovina.

North of Jablanica, behind the Lendava Tunnel, the Jablanicko Lake system begins. This area has developed a tourism niche on the lake. The entire length of the lake is lined with pensions, hotels, private rooms and campgrounds. The lake has some of the best fishing in the country as proved by the locals standing on the side of the road selling their ‘catches of the day’ – large carp, trout, bass and other fish. The place is usually crowded with local people.


  1. Å atorsko Lake

Å atorsko Lake is situated in the western regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina at heights of 1488 m below Å ator mountain (1872 m) in the Dinaric Alps.

The lake has a glacial origin and is 250 meters long and 120 meters wide, with the deepest point being 6 meters. The summer temperature is 17 °C while the source on the shore, which feeds it, is 6 °C. A few hundred meters to the north is the Bulino Vrelo spring, which is believed by the local population to have healing powers.


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