The best jewelry gifts for this holiday season-Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best jewelry gifts for this holiday season

The holiday season is in full swing and most of us have already started planning which gifts to give to our loved ones. For your wife, daughter, mother, or sister, buying jewelry is always a great idea. It is a present which they will always treasure.

Tour Guide Mostar counts down best jewelry gifts to buy in Mostar for the following holiday season. There is something for everyone’s  budget.

1 . Bershka trendy colored earrings, perfect for matching with an elegant evening dress. The Bershka store is located in the Mepas mall in Mostar.


Jewelry price 17.95 BAM

2. Zara long gem choker necklace is decorated with shiny gems which will accentuate your every wardrobe item. The Zara store is located in the Mepas mall in Mostar.


Jewelry price 39.95 BAM

3. Zlatarna Celje Infinity golden necklace is timeless jewelry piece. The Zlatarna Celje store is located on various locations: Mercator, Mepas Mall and Mostar shopping center.


Jewelry price 195 BAM

4. Lindex sparkly stone necklace with metal chain will match your every day to night dresses.  The Lindex store is located in the Mepas mall in Mostar.


Jewelry price 38 BAM

5. Stradivarius braided cord pendant necklace will give the ultimate pop of color to younger girls. The Stradivarius store is located in the Mepas mall in Mostar.


Jewelry price 29.95 BAM

6. Zlatara Opal elegant earring made of white gold with pearl details.  Zlatara Opal is located on the address Brace Fejica 32A in Mostar.

Zlatara Opal Mostar

7 .  Lalos Art necklaces with beaded details

Lalos Fashion By Tajma Lalic


8. Nimet Designs handmade necklaces are unique piece of art. Find their stand in the Old Town of Mostar.

Nimet Design by Merima Delic


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