Red Bull Cliff Diving returns to Mostar

Just a few days separate us from the spectacular Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar. Starting at 13PM, the Old Bridge will be hosting again the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup.Exactly 22 divers and jumpers of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup are coming to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to continue their competition at the seventh stop of the season, on 24 September 2016.
As you surely must know, the jumping tradition from the Old Bridge date back for 400 years, and the world’s best jumpers will very soon for the second time demonstrate their skills in front of a fierce audience in Mostar.
This Saturday we are waiting for an exciting competition, because the World Cup 2016 enters a tense finale, with three different winners in the last three stations – Briton Gary Hunt, Russian Artem Silchenko and Czech Michal Navratil, who is in his 53 competition came to their first victory.
Although Hunt leads the overall standings, Mexican Jonathan Paredes last year achieved its first victory in the World Cup here in Mostar, but this season he also opened triumph – remains in the race for the title in 2016, with three more competitions until the end.
Women will compete for the first time in Mostar, and the invited Australian jumper Rhiannan Iffland will try to continue her fantastic winning streak after winning three of the four competitions this year.
It is certain that we are expecting another exciting contest, which will show the best jumpers and jumpers to fight for victory, with the magnificent Old Bridge as a stage.

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