Islamic sacred architecture from the 16th century in the region of Herzegovina


Alongside the striking Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque in Mostar , the Karađoz Bey Mosque is the most important monumental work of Islamic sacred architecture from the 16th century in the region of Herzegovina.

It was built in1557.  and from the inscriptions carved into the stone  slab on the entrance of the mosque, we can see that it was built by Mehmed Bey Karagöz (Mehmed-beg Karađoz), the brother of Ottoman vizier Rüstem Pasha.

Later on he died in 1564. and he was buried in the harem next to this mosque.

The plans for the mosque were designed by famous Turkish architect, Mimar Sinan while the stone masters from Dubrovnik worked on the construction.

Before entering the mosque, visitor can enjoy the spacious courtyard with Å¡adrvan foundation in the middle. The whole courtyard has stone floors and has a garden with plants and flowers. There is also the madrasa (religious educational institution) with large library of medieval books and scriptures.

The magnificent dome above the mosque has the dimensions of 13,4 x 14,4m. The statuesque minaret is harmoniously decorated with stalactites under the gallery.

During the Second World War this mosque was severely damaged.

This mosque is considered to be the most beautiful mosque in the region of Herzegovina and so you should definitely visit it as one of the best places in Mostar to discover our culture and architecture legacy. In case you have missed it, see our previous post on How to show respect when visiting religious places in Mostar?


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