Unique place of historical significance, the Museum of Old Bridge in Mostar

Today the Museum of Old Bridge in Mostar is located in the Tara tower, on the left side of the Old Bridge.

The Old Bridge is the most magnificent monument in Mostar and it has become the worldwide known symbol of Mostar but that is not all that this city has to offer.

Our rich cultural heritage and picturesque architecture can make your vacation unforgettable. Each week we will bring you best museums you should visit during your stay in Mostar.

After walking the cobblestones on the Old Bridge, you will find yourself on the east bank where rises the Tara Tower.  Once it was used as a deposit for ammunitions in the Ottoman era. In case you have missed it, read the whole story about the Tara and Halebija towers, overlooking the Old Bridge.

Today here is the Museum of the Old Bridge. These stone walls of the Museum and narrow passages carry within the legacy of the magnificent Old Bridge as well as the history of the Mostar area.

What can you see in the museum? What to expect from the panoramic view of the Old Town which you can see after climbing to the fifth floor of the museum? The answer to these question is in the video below.

Enjoy watching!

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