Money Saving Tips to Travel more in 2017

Travel More in 2017

Ask yourself: “Where do I want to travel this year?”. If you want to play it safe, why not start in a country that speaks your own language or even in your own country?

Maybe you want to explore your country first before taking the leap outside, maybe you want to venture into the unknown and take the leap to an exotic location such as Malta or the Madagascar. Whatever your travel goal is for 2017, you have to make it a priority.

Traveling should be easy as long as you follow these money saving tips :

Stop thinking that traveling is for rich people

We live on a beautiful planet that offers many stunning landscapes, tropical paradises, mist shrouded volcanoes and unbelievable beaches. Of course you don’t have to be rich! You just have to adjust your expectations, and you will be so glad that you did.

make sacrifices

Do you really need to drink six beers every time you go out with your friends? Is eating out a necessity? How about taking public transportation and selling your car? Small or big, we all have to make sacrifices in order to fulfill our travel goals.


Most of the times, we tend to overpack and take things with us that we end up not using at all. Traveling extensively teaches you how to carry things that matter to you, and nothing else that might be a little ‘extra’. And that applies to life too.


The more you travel, the more you learn to negotiate and pick the option that suits you best.


People all over the world go on “backpacking” tours for months on end. A literal backpack isn’t necessarily required, but you don’t want to be dragging luggage around when you’re traveling that way.


People make use of hostels and homestays. They eat the local grub and prepare their own food when possible to save money. You meet both local people and fellow travelers, you gain a genuine understanding about how life works in other places, and you have opportunities to see and do things that regular tourists will never see because there isn’t an organized tour group for it.

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