The Old Town in Mostar could be the perfect filming location for the “Game of Thrones”

Locations in #NorthernIreland, #Croatia, #Morocco and #Iceland were used to film Game of Thrones. Today fans love to visit these real-life locations

The American fantasy drama „Game of the Thrones” worldwide craze has been holding fans and media from the season one. This month the sixth season ended.

Locations in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Morocco and Iceland were used to film Game of Thrones. Today these real-life locations are becoming popular places to visit with the fans of the now cult tv-series.

The Northern Irish economy is reportedly seeing a boost thanks to Game of Thrones fans wanting to visit the real-life places where the show is filmed. For example, the beech tree lined road is known as the Dark Hedges to locals near Stanocum in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, while in the series fans can recognize it as the Kings Road and the Dark Hedges of Armoy.

From season two onwards, filming moved from the island of Malta to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Our Croatian neighbours welcomed the crew and actors into their historic city.

The scenic old city of Dubrovnik and its medieval walls right on the coast were perfectly suited to depict King’s Landing. Several other locations in Croatia nearby Dubrovnik were also used, not just for King’s Landing but for scenes set in Qarth and Slaver’s Bay. Meanwhile for the Night’s Watch expedition in the frozen lands beyond the Wall, location shooting moved to national parks in Iceland, to film on actual glaciers.
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Minceta Tower and fortification served as a location for the filming of season two finale with actress Emilia Clarke.

In Marocco another UNESCO world heritage site, the beautiful town of Essaouira served as the filming location for the ancient city of Astapor, which played a vital role in the season three finale.
What about the future seasons? Can the UNESCO world heritage site of Old Town in Mostar serve as the perfect location for the Game of Thrones series? We positively think so.

Stari-most-old-bridge-mostar-architecture -bosnia-and-herzegovina
As one of the UNESCO sites, the Old Town in Mostar attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Old Town of Mostar has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world because of its unique blend of rich history, picturesque architecture and exotic locations. The Old Bridge was built in 1566. and after that this town become an important strategic base for the Ottoman Empire to conquer the Balkan area.  The bridge was established with two towers guarding it – Halebija and Tara towers. Maybe these two medieval towers and its stone walls can serve as a ground for Game of Thrones battle scenes?

Also just about 30km outside of Mostar, this is another site that can serve as a filming location. Standing on the left bank of the Neretva river is the medieval town of Počitelj.  During the Middle Ages, Počitelj was considered the administrative centre and today its stone tower still stands as a strong fortress.

TripAdvisor has recently unveiled a comparison of traffic data to analyze the effects of Game of Thrones on filming locations among travelers.

The study shows that tourist arrivals to Klis in Croatia increased by 579% between 2015 and 2016. Klis was the setting for many outdoor scenes of Meereen. Vik Islandia where the scenes that show the North of the Wall was featured saw a rise of 78%. Dimmuborgir in Iceland (part of King’s Landing), Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland (where the wildings stay), Krka National Park in Croatia (passing landscapes) and Myvatn in Iceland also saw considerable rise in the number of tourists.

The spike of traveler interest is noticeably high for Spain, as the sixth season of Game of Thrones was almost entirely filmed in the country. Seven locations have enjoyed a 125% average increase in interest from travelers.

We can say for sure that Mostar and the whole region of Herzegovina have a lot of historic and beautiful sites to offer for filming this popular tv series.

Also in addition to these statistical facts, it is well known that the price range of accommodation and food in Bosnia and Herzegovina are very affordable and under the budget in comparison to other countries which already served as locations for Game of the Thrones filming.

In case you have missed it, see our previous post Things you should do when you travel to Mostar.

Fans could come and enjoy our town while being part of the great filming experience.

The Old Town of Mostar amazes visitors with its medieval stone walls and unique architecture.

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