Mostar University: faculties and departments


At the University of Mostar today operates ten faculties, one academy, nine institutes, the University Library and Student Center.

There are about 16 000 students at the University and classes are taught in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and professional programs. More than 1 000 teachers and associates are involved in a teaching process and there are more than 150 employees who perform professional and administrative, support and technical services.

faculties institutes others
Agronomy and Food Technology Economic Student center
Economics Law Student library
Civil Engineering Institute for Social Research University Clinical Hospital
Medicine Institute for Construction Student Council
Pharmacy Institute for Croatian language, literature and history ­­­___

Humanities and social activities
( Philosophy )

Institute for Research and Development in the karst ___
Natural Sciences and Education Institute of Latinity ___
Law Institute of Mechanical Engineering ___
Engineering and Computer Science Institute for Tourism and Environment ___
Health Studies ­­­___ ___
Academy of Fine Arts ­­­___ ___

Agronomy and Food Technology Faculty employs twenty-nine employees, of which nineteen teaching and non-teaching staff ten and through various activities at the Faculty are engaged and 104 foreign associates located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.
Faculty of Economics except in Mostar organizes and conducts all classes in two cities- Vitez i Orašje. Studies are carried out through undergraduate university degree, undergraduate professional study, graduate one-year, two-year graduate, postgraduate specialist and postgraduate studies.
At the Faculty of Civil Engineering operates with the following departments:
– Department of Mechanics, Materials and Structures,
– Department of Transportation and Building Organization and Technology,
– Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Geotechnics.

Faculty of Pharmacy trains students for jobs in the field of biomedicine and health. Pharmacy students are educated not only for the health care of patients, but also for active participation in health promotion, prevention and treatment of disease.

Faculty of Humanities and social activities is a higher education institution that educates students in the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration (3 + 2 + 3).
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education has 250 teachers and associates who don’t only come from the University of Mostar, but also the University of Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Osijek, Opatija, Rijeka, Sarajevo and Tuzla. Faculty has over 3000 students divided into 12 study groups.

Faculty of Law as a member of the University of Mostar organizes and performs university studies, scientific and highly professional work in the field of law. Organizes and conducts:
a) university undergraduate (bachelor of law)
b) graduate studies (Master of Laws)
c) postgraduate doctoral studies (Doctor of Laws).

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science organizes and conducts professional studies, as follows: professional study of mechanical engineering, professional study computer science, and professional study of safety and security.

Faculty of Health Studies is highly educational institution within the University of Mostar, which organizes and performs university undergraduate and graduate studies, performed by professional and scientific work in the scientific field of biomedicine, clinical medicine and public health, as well as structuring and conducting publishing, library activities for teaching scientific and professional work.
Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg, Mostar University, educates students in three departments: painting, sculpture and graphic department in two cycles. Undergraduate course which lasts four years was also organized through painting, sculpture and graphic department, while the graduate program in one year takes place on istim- painting, sculpture and graphics department.

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