Don’t forget these things for your children when traveling

Traveling with children -tips and tricks

If you are traveling with your child your are probably thinking about the stroller, car seat and other large items. The Tour Guide Mostar Packing Lists for children will help you stay organized. We take the worry out of remembering all of the little details needed for travel so you can focus on fun.

Don’t forget these things for your children…

Gum for the airplane will help relieve children from the pressure in their ears,

Baby “emergency” items including wipes, diapers and pacifier,

Children’s emergency items including Cheerios and candy! But seriously, medications and security stuffed animals or blanket,

Headphones for your electronic devices and a headphone splitter for multiple children using the same device,

Update your pediatrician’s contact info in your phone along with important medical history, social security numbers and other information in case of an emerghency

And do not forget to SLOW DOWN!

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