10 Flickr Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rama Lake

Looking for some real travel inspiration this year? The Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those destinations that everyone dreams about but few people actually visit.  The country is absolutely incredible.  While most people think only of the beaches and sea, which there are plenty to be found in the Balkan, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a rich diversity both under and above the water with its colorful culture.

Here are 10 flickr photos that will probably make you want to book a flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina as soon as possible:

  1. Mostar by Conor MacNeill


2.  River Vrbas by Marin Topic

Hello Bosnia!

3. Glogošnica near Jablanica by Michal Slezcek

The fantasy becomes reality

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina by M

Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Vrelo Bosne by Ersan Memic

The other side

6. Prokoško Lake by Michal Slezcek


7. Rimski Bridge in Ilidza by Michal Slezcek


8. Trebinje by Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie

View of Trebinje

9. Rama Lake by Hrvoje Simich

0307 Beautiful Place

10. Blidinje Lake by Hrvoje Simich

0312 Lonely House

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