The Adventure Lovers Guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Adventure Lovers Guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina

When traveling around the world for most destinations summer is the perfect moment to travel and enjoy. Such is the case with lots of tropical locations but for other locations of historical significance, you can plan traveling all around the year and those who love adventure can look for alternative ways to have fun.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country full of spirit of past civilizations. In case you have missed it, read our post – 10 interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina you need to know.

This country also has lots of activities for those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

Here are some tips for adventure lovers who visit Bosnia and Herzegovina…

  1. Hiking around Sarajevo

Umoljani and Lukomir hiking tour at Bjelasnica mountain is simply must see and experience journey for any true nature lover, if one ever comes across Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stunning views of Rakitnica canyon, amazing scenery of Bjelasnica mountain, one of a kind history and culture of local communities.

This tour usually begins with ride from Sarajevo (8:30 AM) to Umoljani village, accross Bjelašnica mountain which in the same time is Olympic mountain and one of the most amazing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Rafting on Neretva river

Rafting is probably among the world`s most popular outdoor activities. On its way to the Adriatic sea, Neretva flows through some of the most beautiful places in Herzegovina: Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Čapljina and Počitelj.

Rafting on Neretva river is a great experience for all lovers of outdoor water sports. There are packages which offer rafting experience from Konjic to Mostar all along the waters of Neretva. Many visitors who arrive to Mostar are interested in Rafting Club “Canyon Neretva”. This club has existed for the last three years.

In case you have missed it, read our previous article – Rafting club “Canyon” Neretva.

  1. Jumping off Old Bridge in Mostar

As we have stated before, the local tradition of jumping off the Old Bridge in Mostar dates back 450 years. It is traditional for the young men of the town to leap from the bridge into the Neretva. The practice dates back to the time the bridge was built, but the first recorded instance of someone diving off the bridge is from 1664. In 1968 a formal diving competition was inaugurated and held every summer.

Today tourists are not advised to jump off this bridge. Only those who have years of training are advised to first spend weeks training with local Divers club before even trying to jump into the Neretva river.

  1. Hiking in Blidinje

ÄŒvrsnica, or as it is popularly called – “the roof of Herzegovina”, is the highest mountain in Herzegovina, with a height of 2228 meters. There are several hiking trails that end up at the highest peak called Pločno. One of the better-marked and maintained ones is certainly the one that starts next to the Saint Elijah’s Church in Masna Luka.

You can also reach the highest peak if you go from the west by unpaved road that was built by the army. The most part of ÄŒvrsnica is poor in terms of plants, especially near Pločno, which is covered by limestone rocks. Regardless of which route for hiking you choose – from Masna Luka or from Jablanica, the trails are jointed in the relative near of the peak.

  1. Rafting on Una river

According to the legends, Una river was named by the Romans, who were so taken by its beauty when they first saw it that they named it “UNA” (lat. one, the only). It runs for 212.5 kilometres from the springs in Donja Suvaja and Donji Lapac areas, to the confluence with Sava river. The Una is famous for its waterfalls and crystal cascades, mesmerizing first time visitors with its beauty. This river is very popular for rafting activities. Many agencies offer 4 to 5 hours of rafting with experienced rafting skippers. The first Rafting Regatta on the Una was held in August 1964, with more than 80 participants from France, then Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Western Germany and Yugoslavia.

It is also important to mention that today there are about 30 registered rafting agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the true number is estimated to be much higher.

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