Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

Another December is approaching and that means that the festive activities in the historic city of Mostar will soon begin. The last summer was hot and sunny as usual with thousands of tourists visiting our historic Old Town and Old Bridge. The September was also quite warm and sunny. Only a few weeks ago many of us found our jackets in the wardrobes and got used to the lower temperatures.

For most people, Christmas is their favorite holiday. But what puts us in the cheerful Christmas mood?

How about Christmas movies? Hopefully, once more we`ll be able to catch our favorite winter movie Home Alone again on tv while sitting in our warm homes and drinking hot chocolate.

The street vendors will flock the streets of Rondo in Mostar in order to sell as many Christmas trees as they can.

Also very soon the festive atmosphere is will make the younger ones in Mostar happy! The youngest ones will be able to experience the winter atmosphere in the new winter town in Mostar.

This year the winter town opens its doors in the area of the University of Mostar on over 4,500 square meters during the 42 days duration.

The winter magic will begin on November 26th and it will be opened until January 8th, 2017. All visitors will be able to enjoy a great variety of over 60 different exhibitors.

In a variety of content, entertaining programs will be organized into two stages.  Visitors will be able to enjoy school plays, performances by children’s bands, dance choreography, magic tricks and the inevitable Santa Claus will also be there, donating the visitors from his chariot.

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