Coming in September-Tour Guide Mostar Team Activities


The Tour Guide Mostar project is moving along quickly while the summer season is at full peak and thousands of tourists visit Mostar every day.

Our team is finishing the last details and preparations for the launch of the Multilanguage digital tour guide which will launch in September.

Just two months separate us from the first multi-language guide that will go live in this part of Europe.

We are gathering information every day as our team is on the streets of Mostar – taking photographs on the streets and in the important historic sites; collecting data about history from libraries and museums; getting in touch with travel bloggers from all around the world who visited our city.

Creative and unique videos about the rich culture and blend of architectures in Mostar are already live on our website.

Last month we called for socially responsible people who want to contribute and participate in creating digital content for the city of Mostar. people heard us and responded to our call, so now we have local people included into this project.

That`s not all, Tour Guide Mostar brings interesting stories about Mostar and its people every day on our Blog.

Follow our social media profiles and website for everyday updates and join our movement.

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