How to Be Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Follow our step-by-step guide to a T and take a look at our exhaustive list of additional security strategies. Implement those which you think you can benefit from and your devices will become impenetrable fortresses.

In times where 87 percent of the population is using public networks and free Wi-Fi services, it is an imperative to practice good internet hygiene and ensure every precaution to secure one’s personal data, has been taken.

Fortunately for you, there are some awesome people out there which have made it their mission in life to simplify cybersecurity. Whether you’re a 16-year-old programming genius, a flashy management consultant or a single mom – we’ve got you covered.

Everything you will read below is straightforward and simple to implement.

Step-By-Step Public Wi-Fi Security Guide

These security precautions will take you only minutes to enforce and will make you practically invisible to hackers.

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