The myth of the new Ortodox Church in Mostar

One of most beautiful religious structures in Mostar was the New Ortodox Church. The was unfortunately erased this beautiful example of Byzantine architecture in this city.

Tim Clancy in his book about Herzegovina says there is a myth of the new Ortodox Church. You  do not necessarily have to believe the myth to be truth at all to tell it.

So, here we go..

The serbian priest had gone to the beg(local ruler in Ottoman times) to ask permission to build a new church.  It was often the custom, especially for non-Muslims, to offer the beg some sort of gift. The beg already had something in mind and asked for the priest’s daughter. When the priest refused, his request for the church was rejected and he was sent away. The priest, however, would not give up. He returned, insisting the he be allowed to build a church. The old church was no longer big enough to suit the growing Ortodox community and it was imperative that he be granted permission for both the land and the church. The beg again questioned the priest about his lovely daughter, but the priest would hear nothing of it. Again he was sent away without the blessing of the beg. After returning yet once more the annoyed beg conceded-but under our condition. The land to be given by authorities would be no larger than the woolen jumper worn by the priest. The priest left, discouraged and angry , but as he walked home a brilliant idea struck him. He was a large man and the jumper consisted of dozens of meters of wool when it was unpicked and all laid out. The priest brought this jumble of yarn to the beg and calculated that if he spread the entire contents of the yarn from his jumper it would be large enough to build a new church. The beg was so tickled by the priest’s ingenious mind that , with a chuckle, he granted the hardheaded priest permission to build the church. 


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