What is Kurban Bayram?

Bayram iEid Mubarek

Bayram literally means festival, or holiday, and is used to describe  religious holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are two main religious (Islamic) holidays, one being Seker Bayram (celebrated after Ramadan), and the other being Kurban bayram. In some countries it is known as Ed-al-Adha.

Kurban Bayram is the festival of the sacrifice, where millions of people sacrifice an animal to commemorate the Islamic prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. Animals such as cows, goats and most often, sheep, are sacrificed. Once sacrificed, the meat is shared out, some is given to the poor, some is kept for the family, and some is given to other relatives, friends and neighbours. Of course Kurban Bayram/Eid isn’t just celebrated in Turkey, it is celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

This year, preparation for Kurban Bayram begins on the eve of the festival, the 12th September. Kurban Bayram will run from and including 13th-15th September and government offices, schools, post offices, banks, and some supermarkets will be closed throughout these days. People in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be busy visiting family and friends, so roads, transport, hotels and restaurants will be very busy and full during the festivities.

It is considered as especially significant to respect elderly people by kissing their hand and keeping it on one’s forehead at the same time wishing them Bayram good wishes. It is also traditional for young kids to go in the region of their neighborhood, gate to gate, and wish everybody a joyful Bayram, for which they are rewarded chocolates, sweets such as traditional Bosnian delight and baklava, candy, or a small amount of cash at every door, analogous to the Halloween tradition in the United States.

Eating baklava during Bayram is a tradition that goes back to the 15th century.

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