Canadian Cheryl Howard remembers her visit Mostar, what she visited and enjoyed

Canadian Cheryl Howard visit to Mostar

Photo by Cheryl Howard
Photo by Cheryl Howard taken in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is always quite hard leaving the place where we grew up and spent most of our lifetime. Family, relatives, friends, and work colleagues in most times are left astonished. What takes people away in such a way is a certain passion and inspiration that makes them go furthermore every day.

Canadian Cheryl Howard in Mostar

Canadian Cheryl Howard left her home and moved to Europe in order to explore, travel, and live life to the fullest. She currently lives in Berlin and works as an Agile Coach and writer.

She visited Mostar in 2014 and as she states on her blog, Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina absolutely stole her heart.

Her starting point was the Old Bridge because she wanted to see it ever since seeing it pictures on Pinterest. Quite emotionally Cheryl describes the moment when she saw the Old Bridge: “The moment when I saw the bridge and the surrounding landscape for the very first time, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I stopped breathing for a moment as I took it all in, as it was far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.”

The picturesque Old Town and Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque were her next stop. Cheryl also notes some “pro tips” about visiting the Old Town and pointed out something all of us locals already know – Old Bridge is pretty steep and the surface slippery. So be sure to come in sneakers.

Cheryl enjoyed visiting the Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque, took some great photos, climbed up to the top of the minaret, and watched one of Mostar`s beautiful sunsets.

Nowadays, there are various ways to express yourself. Those expressions are statements or reflections on a certain lifestyle. As the acceptance of street art is growing remarkably in Mostar

The street art in Mostar is a sign of the culture and people make political statements through it.

As a passionate observer of street art from all around the world, Cheryl observed abandoned buildings in Mostar which local artists used as canvas to express themselves.

The next thing that Cheryl visited was the abandoned buildings – Sniper Tower and Airport Hangar. She finds curiosity and strange beauty in discovering abandoned buildings.

Just 40 km outside of Mostar, she visited Kravice and enjoyed the magic of cascade waterfalls.

For the end of her trip, Cheryl also visited two special places – the Blagaj Tekija and the town of Počitelj.

As one of the most ancient sites, Blagaj Tekija is the home of Dervish Monastery built next to Buna River and cliff caves.

The medieval town of Počitelj left Cheryl amazed with its stone walls, Clock Tower and a beautiful view on Neretva river.

The Tour Guide Mostar team had contacted Cheryl to hear her impressions about Mostar and Herzegovina. She was happy to help us and we discussed future collaborations and even her visiting Mostar again. People like her will help us share positive image about Mostar and help the development of tourism in our hometown.

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