Best Balkan cities to visit


Balkans is the historical and geographical region of Southeast Europe, and it is often referred to as the peninsula of South Eastern Europe, and is located between the Adriatic and the Black Sea.

Given the fact that many world travellers and bloggers know say that the Balkans among the most desirable and most beautiful places to visit, below we highlight several high-ranking destination.

1 Tirana, Albania

The main and also the largest city of Albania. It is located in the centre of the country and occupies an area of 42 square kilometres where there are about 760 000 inhabitants.

Albania is becoming more and more interesting tourist destination for many visitors from all over the world because it offers a variety of attractions such as Ethembegov’s Mosque, Enver Hodza’s pyramid , Statua Skender and a large number of cafes and restaurants for the elderly, but also  many developed night clubs for young tourists.

2 Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean which justifies the name ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Every stone in Dubrovnik exudes lots of historical stories told in a modern way. Magnificent walls, narrow stone streets where every step of its heritage sites, cultural events and excellent cuisine give a special charm to this city museum. Be sure to visit the hill Srd, the walls of the Old City, Revelin, the main and most famous street Stradun, then the Big Onofrio fountain, but also the most popular beaches Banje, Buza and Å unj on the island Lokrum.

3 Meteor, Greece

Meteor is a group of Orthodox monastery near the Greek city of Kalambaka in western Thessaly. It is exceptionally known for its unusual situation on the rocks- pillars thereby considered the most valuable collection of monasteries in Greece after Mount Athos. Their literal meaning would be suspended / hung stones, i.e., rocks that float in paradise and today are among the cultural heritage of UNESCO.

4 Nis, Serbia

The largest city in south-eastern Serbia and the seat of the Nis District. It is an administrative, military and trade centre of various states and empires that he belonged to during its long history. Important tourist destinations of this city would be ‘Niska Banja’, city park Cair, Kamenicki Park, Sicevac Gorge, Oblacinsko lake, Nis Fortress, Cele Tower, etc.


 5 Kotor, Montenegro

Pearl Bay of Kotor is in the first place that should be visited cities in Montenegro. Kotor has been described as “dramatically beautiful city’ located between the sinister mountains and the Azure Sea bay. Kotor doesn’t have big beaches, big waves, but it has small private beaches along the coast (including Goodness and two small beaches) that are free to sunbathe to your heart will.

The sea is clear, calm and warm, people are hospitable and there are bars, shops, bakeries and restaurants at any corner.

However, what you shouldn’t miss visiting is the Old Town of Kotor- authentic and preserved that it seems like you went through a time gate. Also don’t forget the narrow passing, churches, fountains, bell towers and villas that will leave you breathless.

6 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The most famous Croatian national park is a unique natural object with specific phenomena of karst hydrography with rich flora and fauna that makes it provide invaluable scientific value. The great variety of natural shapes have led to the Plitvice Lakes National Park inscribed on UNESCO’s “World Heritage List” in 1979.

7 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the political, administrative, economic, health, sports, scientific and university centre of the country. Best places to visit in this city are the most famous street Bascarsija, Mount Bjelasnica, Mount Igman, the Tunnel of Hope, Markale market, Museum of Alija Izetbegovic, the Kosevo Stadium, City Hall and many others.

8 Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian capital which attracts tourists from around the world. Top rated Zagreb destinations are Botanical Gardens, St. Brand, HNK (Croatian National Theatre), Stone Gate, LotrscakTower, Funicular, Zagreb Cathedral, Zrinjevac Park and many other attractions that are extremely breath taking.  


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