The principles of packing


If you’re going on a  trip, the last thing you want is to haul huge amounts of luggage everywhere you go . And every time you check your bag, you risk losing it, having items stolen, or making it harder for yourself to switch flights or airlines at the last minute if you need to.

Here’s what we suggest :

Pack what you need, not “just in case”.

You can’t bring clothes and items for every possible situation, so just pack all the stuff you know you need during a regular week. If your best friends suddenly decide to get married or there is a snowstorm in Mostar, deal it then by borrowing or buying.

If you are going to be moving between climates, you will need clothes to suit them all.

You can always pick up and extra thick jacket when you land in a cold country or buy a pair of flip-flops when you make an impromptu stop at the beach, but your general, everyday clothes should be good for all seasons. This means layers: t-shirts, warm tops, leggings, jeans etc.  What you do not want is season specific clothing!

Invest in “performance clothing” 

Performance clothing is made from fabrics that are durable, lightweight, quick-drying and do not crease as much. They are also useful for moving across climates : the fabrics will keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold climates. Aaaaand they are great at wicking sweat away from your skin and keeping you smelling nice for longer.

Even if you can not find what you need in your destination city, you can alway get it delivered. 

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