Top 5 food topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian traditional food!

We bring you the best of what we have published last months :

  1. Due to its geographical position and history, Bosnian cuisine is similar to the cuisines of Turkey, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries, but the influence of European cuisines, especially the Central European, is strongly felt. Read more…

The real traditional culinary is related to the house and its rooms and less related to čaršija. Aščinice were public kitchens while there were still mehane (taverns) and imareti (public soup kitchens held by charity organizations).

2.  Homemade pies are one of the favorite dishes in the whole country. They can be made of various ingredients. Sirnica is the food you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because of the cheese, this pie is much lighter to eat than the meat pie called burek. Read more :


3. Collard greens (collards) are part of the Acephala Group of the species, which includes kale and spring greens. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, this dish is sometimes called Herzegovinian japrak and sometimes just collards rolls. Read more :


4. Ajvar is an essential part of every winter pantry and it is prepared in a number of variants, from those involving only peppers, garlic, oil and salt, to “heavy” ajvar where eggplants, hot peppers, tomatoes and herbs are added. Read more :


5. Start your day in Mostar with Bosnian traditional coffee. Read more :


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