Short road trip from Sarajevo to the south of Herzegovina


A country in the form of heart, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Filled with green landscapes, high mountains and historical sites, these are just some of the things which this country has to offer.

As you head south from Sarajevo, the first larger town you will come to is Konjic, where you can visit the Stone Bridge which dates back to the 1682 and was renovated in 2009.

Not far from Konjic you will encounter the Boračko Lake and the spectacular Neretva River canyon. The next stop is Jablanica where you can visit the bridge that the Partisans blew up in order to trick Nazi troops during World War II.

Next comes the beautiful and historic city of Mostar and there are many famous monuments you can visit, such as the 16th-century Ottoman Old Bridge, Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque and Karadozbey`s Mosque.

In the Old Town of Mostar you can visit many souvenir shops in the Kujundžiluk area as well eat delicious local food such.

After leaving Mostar, stop by the little place called Blagaj. There you can see the fascinating 16th-century Tekke right at the source of the Buna River.

Next you will reach Počitelj, a beautiful town which is almost 600 years old. Once you reach Međugorje, you will have to come to the end of your journey. This is one of the world`s most important Marian apparition sites which has been attracting millions of people from all over the world.

On your way back to Sarajevo, be sure to sop in Jablanica and taste the famous roast lamb.


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