Herzegovina: Behind the name

January 30, 2017 Tour Guide Mostar 0

Herzegovina is a geographical region that is located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina and together with the region Bosnia makes geographical area of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are no official state […]


Happy Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is as significant to Chinese culture as the Ortodox New Year is in Central Europe. Also knows as the Spring Festival, it heralds the beginning of the spring , representing the new […]

Trave Quotes
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Why we love Travel Quotes?

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Not many people have been very fortunate to travel extensively throughout the world while still young. Most of us plan our trips and vacations in advance because traveling can be expansive if you do not […]

Happy Pop Corn day

PopCorn Day

January 19, 2017 Tour Guide Mostar 0

Sometimes discovering fun facts can make our day more cheerful and funny. If you love eating popcorns, in the cinema or just when relaxing at home, here is something interesting.


High Altitude Culture-Mountain Maglic

January 16, 2017 Tour Guide Mostar 0

Mountains can be places for leisure activities.  Many people like to ski on mountains. Other people like to climb mountains. Some people like to just visit mountains to take photos and admire their beauty.


10 reasons to visit Sarajevo

January 13, 2017 Tour Guide Mostar 0

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a compact city on the Miljacka River, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Its center has museums commemorating local history, including Sarajevo 1878-1918, which covers the 1914 assassination of […]

Youth Cultural Centre Abrasević
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OKC Abrašević

January 8, 2017 Tour Guide Mostar 0

Mostar city of stone on stone, historical, political, scientific and cultural center of Herzegovina lies at the foot of the slopes of Velez Mountain, in the Neretva River valley. The Old Bridge is the most […]