Personalized Christmas gifts to buy in Mostar

Another December is approaching and that means that the festive activities in the historic city of Mostar will soon begin.

For most people Christmas is their favorite holiday. But what puts us in the cheerful Christmas mood? For some it’s the Christmas movies, for others it is the making of desserts while some also love to buy gifts for the loved ones.

Personalized Christmas gifts make the holidays even more special.

Tour Guide Mostar counts down best personalized gift ideas in Mostar…

  1. Lalos Art

Mostarka Tajma Lalic is the person behind brand Lalos Art, and she caught our attention with her jewelry designs. Tajma makes bracelets and necklaces of many types of strings and threads, and also depending on the model she adds details like leather laces, pendants and beads. Each color composition for her is special and now she likes to combine autumn colors in jewelry.

It takes about two hours to create each bracelet and work in more complicated on the necklaces and requires approximately a day’s work for each necklace.

This season surprise your loved ones with unique and thoughtful Lalos Art bracelets and necklaces.

  1. Nimet Design

Merima Delic, the designer and the person behind the brand Nimet Designs, creates handcrafts and unique jewelry which are sold every day in the Old Town of Mostar. The process of creating each jewelry piece starts by selecting 4 different colors. Merima shares that each piece of jewelry is a color composition. She creates a “rainbow” effect of colors; rainbow colors ranging from dark to lighter color.

Each necklace must have a meaning and elegant effect when combined with the whole outfit and the rest of the jewelry. For this effect the essential combination of colors and beads of her necklaces is important. Each piece of her jewelry is lightweight. Her best-selling product is the round earrings and today the artist says that it has sold countless number of them.

So head out to the Old Town and let Merima surprise you with her gorgeous jewelry designs!

  1. Unique copper jewelry

Young fashionistas can look forward of finding unique jewelry in Mostar. Unique and handcrafted copper jewelry with colorful stones can be found in the shops such as the one of kujundžija Azer Badžak. The contemporary design of this jewelry makes it perfect to match with your classic wardrobe pieces.

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