Sheepskin cheese in Herzegovina

Sheepskin cheese in Herzegovina

The region of Herzegovina has been a place where different cultural influences mixed in the past. There was always a gap between living in the city and the lifestyle of people who lived in the countryside.

People from countryside learned to live from their land and animals.

The tradition of making cheese from sheep’s, cow’s or goat’s milk is considered one of the oldest traditions in Herzegovina. The cheese is left to age in sheepskin sacks. It is an ingenious system for preservation and transport. Due to its characteristics, the sheepskin cheese cannot be produced on an industrial scale.

What is the process of making cheese?

The cheese is made by the old Herzegovinian tradition. The milk is first cooked after that it`s cooled and rennet is added. After the rennet does task then the whey is drained. After that cheese is out into molds to be drained.

After 24 hours of draining, the cheese can soled as young white cheese or it can still be further prepared for “mišina”. The “mišina” has to be left on special place which is usually located facing the north, where the least sun comes and it is left to mature for next 60 days. Mišina often needs to be turned up and down to the same drought-ripens from all sides.

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The Herzegovinian cheese has been on international food scene since 2006.

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