Polenta, favorite Herzegovinian dish


The cuisine in Bosnia and Herzegovina is balanced between Western and Eastern influences.

Traditional food is often prepared with meat, and meals are plentiful and delicious. The meat is of extraordinary quality, often organic, and well prepared. Meat is the ingredient of some of the most popular Bosnian dishes such as Bosnian pot, chevaps,Bey soup, burek, and beans soup.

One of the oldest dishes is polenta, a dish of boiled cornmeal. It may be consumed hot as a porridge or allowed to cool and solidify into a loaf, which is then baked, fried, or grilled.

In the past polenta was quite often considered to be “food for the poor people”.  In time as the trends in food changed, this meal became popular among people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now days it is often served with cheese or cream cheese and even served in high-end restaurants.

Polenta is low in calories, quite light meal and beneficial for the digestive system. Together with the traditional pogača (homemade bread) and potatoes, this meal occupies an equally important place in the traditional Herzegovinian cuisine.

How to make perfect Herzegovinian polenta?

Polenta is nothing more than coarsely ground cornmeal. When cooking the classic ratio is 1 part polenta to 4 parts water. A special touch is given to polenta when it is eaten with lučenica. Lučenica is a mixture of yogurt, garlic and butterfat, all together baked in a pan and then pour it over polenta.

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