The Jugo 45

Yugoslavian cars
Yugoslavian cars

Do you remember the most popular car from the former Yugoslavia? Yugo 45.

This small car was the symbol of the middle class in former Yugoslavia and it could be seen practically every day everywhere you turned around.

The Yugo 45 was being produced since 1981 by the company Zastava auto Kragujevac. Italian company Fiat had designed the Yugo for Zastava, a draft for a car was made by the features of Fiat chassis 127, which was different in appearance.

On the European markets Yugo 45 was named Yugo Koral, and during the eighties, it was exported to the United States where he named as being the cheapest car to purchase. The production Yuga suspended in November 2008.

Exactly 256,691 Yugo cars were made, and 141,511 have been sold in the US market.

Soon this little red miracle could be seen on every road and many jokes were said about him, like: “Why drivers of Yugo never used maps? Because it will never reach so far as to stray.” Or: “Why Yugo has glass heaters? So that you do not get freezing hands while pushing it on the road”.

Yugo also appeared  in many cartoons, movies and books like Die Hard 3, The Simpsons, Florida Roadkill, Needful Things, as well as the songs “In a Yugo”  by Paul Shanklin and “Yugo 45” by Zabranjeno pušenje.

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