The Most Beautiful Ladies On Earth – Mostarke


Women from this part of Europe have always been known for their distinct beauty. Most of the visitors, who come to Mostar, can be often heard saying that the women from Mostar, our Mostarke, are among the most beautiful ones they have seen.

And let`s not forget the men because Mostarci are outspoken and passionate, in case you have missed it, see our previous post about What is means to be a Mostarac?

People from Mostar have their own way of thinking and this mentality is sometimes complex to define and describe.

Women spend a lot of time on their beauty and makeup routine. Every day is a new opportunity to show your latest outfit or hairstyle.

Whether they are going out just for a cup of coffee or going to work, the whole “package” has to look great. Mostarke love to be dressed nice and look stylish.

During the summer season they are all about wearing shorts, tank tops and sun hats. The outfits must accentuate their bronzed skin even if they did not go to vacation, it is important to look bronzed like they did and leave the impression like you just spend seven days in a seaside resort.

During the colder winter days, oversized coats and knee-high boots are their best friends. If you are not wearing heels, then something you be wrong with you, right?

While drinking morning coffee in the local café and having the daily dose of fresh gossip, oversized sunglasses are a must have accessory.  Read more about the tradition of coffee in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Drinking coffee is a special ritual.

The whole concept of looking beautiful all the time takes time and looks exhausting, but Mostarke love that. It is in their way of thinking and self-respect is very important to have as well as the admiration of your friends.


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