Best Tips For Traveling To Herzegovina


  1. Do your homework, research

Everything can be found over the internet today so take advantage before visiting Herzegovina. Find the best ways of transportations as well as the ticket prices; phone numbers of relevant institutions and local agencies. Read reviews on TripAdvisor which has become one of the best guides for traveling the world.

  1. Do booking in advance

You can easily find accommodation online. During that process monitor the best time and the most cost effective price for booking your accommodation in Herzegovina. Find information on This will help you avoid wandering around an unknown town with your baggage in order to find accommodation.

  1. Choose the right credit card

This one is very important because everybody wants to avoid spending money on unnecessary fees. Visit your bank and ask about withdrawing money in the country you plan on visiting. Inform your bank about your travel plans so that you avoid any confusions.

  1. Explore the local cuisine

Again go to TripAdvisor and find out about the best rated restaurants. There you can find reviews from tourists who have already visited this area. Try the wonders of local area, such as the ćevapi, meat platters, sarma and something for the sweet tooth, try a homemade baklava. Your taste buds will thank you.

  1. Go to local festivals and events

These kind of events are a great way to experience the atmosphere and meet local people. Mostar has the Mostar Summer Fest which promotes urban music and let`s not forget the Aleksa Šantić Poetry Nights. As the part of this event, Šantić Prize for Poetry, which was established in 1968, is awarded each year to the best author. If you decide to visit Mostar in September, Šantić Poetry Nights are ideal for enjoying in poetry, music, movies, exhibitions and plays.

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