Tips on how to beat the heat while traveling to Mostar

Tips on how to beat the heat while traveling to Mostar

While summer is the most popular time to travel and visit Mostar, it’s rarely the most comfortable because of the local heat wave. High temperatures and humidity can affect every piece of your travel experience, from around airports, sightseeing and lodging, to having health issues and even the most basic things like sleeping well at night. Read on our tips on how to beat the heat on your summer trip to Mostar.

  1. First of all, stay hydrated. Drink water, drink lots of it. The tap water in Mostar is safe for drinking. Avoid soda, alcoholic beverages and caffeine products as they cause dehydration.
  2. Apply loads of sunscreen because temperatures can go up to 40 °C (104 Fahrenheit). Whether your skin burns, tans or not, please apply sunscreen. Always pack a towel. You never know when you will need it, or just to dry off at least.
  3. Dress appropriately. Wear loose-fitted, light colored clothes. Cotton lets your skin breathe during summers. Wear a hat or tie a bandanna. Let your feet breathe too. While hiking boots are needed while hiking, you can opt for flip-flops if you are only going for a short walk. If you choose sports shoes, make sure you wear socks that wick away moisture. Don’t go barefoot as Mostar’s streets and pavements can get really hot in summer. The Old Bridge is pretty steep and the surface slippery, so you need shoes to walk across it.
  4. Plan your day well. Set out early before the sun is right above your head. Return to your accommodation by afternoon and retire to a nice nap. This will refresh you for an awesome evening and night ahead in Mostar.
  5. If you dare to be adventurous, cool off in the Neretva river. Keep in mind that even in the ultrahot weather, the water was fairly cold. Dive right in and give yourself a few moments while your body adjusts to the change in temperature.

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