How to show respect when visiting religious places in Mostar?

Most people love to travel and find out interesting things about popular tourist places and sights.

All around the world churches, temples, mosques and synagogues are in the main focus of religious curiosities and people who love art visit them to enjoy incredible artistic and architectural creations.

The mix of different influences and periods had created diverse cultures and four religions in Mostar, which makes this city unique in its diversity.

So this is the question, when visiting religious places in Mostar, how to show respect for the religion and history?

Most people love to talk to their companions while sightseeing but it would be very smart to avoid chit-chatting. Taking photographs to later share them with family, friends and across social media is quite popular but try avoiding the constant camera-clicking presence by muting the tones and sound on your devices and turning off the flash light. If there is no sign, don’t assume photography is allowed.  Ask someone or your tour guide. Even if it is allowed, they will appreciate your concern.

What to wear and what tot to wear? Keep in mind that you can show respect by avoiding unnecessary nudity. Dress appropriately. Women should avoid wearing too short skirts and dresses while men should skip wearing tank tops. Blouses and shirts should have sleeves so that you do not show shoulders and under-arms.  Shorts should not be above knees.

Each religion has its own rules. For example some require woman’s hair being covered in a mosque. These specifics are normally clearly signed, and most places that require extra covering (such as a headscarf) will provide them.

For any questions and concerns just ask your tour guide or head to the nearest tourist info center.

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